Welcome to KicSpace HANEDA

The closest incubation facility to the world in Japan

Startup base of Kiraboshi Bank


KicSpace stands for “Kiraboshi Connect Space” and means to kick-off, to start up. It is a place where people interact, and luminous innovation happens.

KicSpace HANEDA was established in November 2021 as an open innovation facility to connect large companies and startups.


KicSpace HANEDA is located in Handeda Innovation City (HICity) which is a large-scale commercial and business complex directly connected to Tenkubashi Station, the station next to Haneda Airport.

HICity is a place where visitors can enjoy gourmet dining, Japanese cultural activities, music events and more. Visitors also encounter new values and future-oriented experiences as it also features research and development facilities, an advanced medical research center and convention facilities.

KicSpace HANEDA is the closest incubation place in Japan to the world. We welcome visitors from all over the world.


In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other authorities, social infrastructure such as Haneda Airport, and companies in the entertainment and sports sectors, we provide financing, accelerator program, co-working space, business collaboration, local authority support, and domestic and international matching.

(※2)”Digibata” is an online business community that provides opportunities to support entrepreneurs and founders and solutions to various business issues surrounding SMEs.

Digibata supports the sustainable growth of customers by providing a place online where companies facing challenges can meet and consult with startups with outstanding advanced technology.

□Financing(loans and investment)

We can provide assistance with raising funds to advance your business. You can consult the right procurement for your company from a variety of procurement menus with experienced professionals.

□Accelerator PGM (short-term business growth support)

The Accelerator program, a short-term business growth support, is provided to encourage startups to grow in a short period of time. We also support the creation of a community of fellow innovators and promotes problem solving.

□Coworking space

Co-working places are provided, including technical support and other services. Here is equipped to help you work, so you can concentrate on your work and also save initial and running costs.

□Business collaboration(large enterprises and SMEs)

We provide opportunities for corporate partnerships that encourage entrepreneurial growth. We offer the creation of encounters with synergistic companies from large enterprises to SMEs.

□Local authority support

In corporation with local authorities, we support the activities of companies from the region by providing satellite offices, demonstration sites, and online consultation on the establishment of foreign companies.

□Domestic and international companies matching

We can match companies from Japan and abroad, using our extensive network, to support your company growth by matching with highly trusted companies that only KicSpace can match.


●“Kiraboshi pitch”

Kiraboshi pitch is held every month aiming at matching large companies and startups. The pitch theme changes each time such as generation Z, robotics, medical, wellness and so on.

This event includes not only pitch by startups but also networking meeting.

Participants are from large companies, midsize companies, venture capitals.

●Accelerator PGM

This is organized by Kiraboshi Bank to brush up your business through study sessions and mentoring. Study sessions are about finance and business strategy. Mentoring for business support is provided on a regular basis. Startups have a chance to receive mentoring from partner VCs at pitch events.


●”Japan AgriTour” from Malaysia

KicSpace HANEDA welcomed the tour organized by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd in September 2022 to explore the Japanese agricultural spectrum. We introduced our support and program we had, and startups’ presentations were given as well at KicSpace HANEDA. The tour’s participants also visited the Future Lab and Pio Park at the same location HICity.

They exchanged views for the future plan to glow with us and enjoyed the state-of-the-art facility.


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